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1. I acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ in my life, and I have a personal relationship with Him that is active. 2. I am committed to growing and maturing in my relationship with Jesus through being actively involved in Church by attending weekend services and being invested in a life group that I show up to regularly. 3. I am committed to a lifestyle that is both godly and “above reproach”. I commit to making wise choices knowing that my lifestyle is a model/permission slip for all other students that are watching. 4. I will not post anything provocative, crass, or profane on any form of my social media and only post items that will be encouraging to my reputation as a leader and of Mariners South County Student Ministries. 5. I will come to the Student Leadership Serve Event planned for each school semester I am in Student Leadership. 6. I commit to being consistent in showing up to the monthly meetings. 7. I commit to giving my best as everything I do and being focused in monthly meetings